Meet Olanda!

Dress: Chico’s

Personality: Adorable

Olanda was one of the very first people I photographed when I was still trying to get the guts to walk up to complete strangers and ask if I could take a picture of them. (Something I still struggle with.)

I met her at Ponce City Market and she had such an infectious energy about her which made it easy to talk to her. We actually started chatting in the women’s ladies room when we were both complaining about the heat and the fact that they were out of paper towels! I told her I loved her dress and of course couldn’t resist asking if I could take photos of her for my blog. She is obviously a natural in front of the camera as you can tell!

Something unique about Olanda: She and her sister are starting a company called Odett Natural Essentials where they make natural and organic body soaps. They are hoping to launch in the fall!