Andi & Sheyda


Meet Andi & Sheyda!

Andy (L) is originally from Birmingham, AL and is the youngest of four! She is a natural strawberry blonde. Keeping it real y’all! (-; Her jeans are from Nordstrom Rack and the sandals are from Lotus. Glasses: Cole Haan.

Sheyda (R) is from Mobile, AL living in Atlanta and is wearing shorts from Joe’s Jeans, top is from Bobi USA and those SUPER rocking boots are from Chloe. (Which I wanted to rip off her feet!) I saw the boots are available at Nordstrom and they are called the Susanna stud buckle booty available in black/gold or black silver here: Chloe Boots. Her cross body bag is Louis Vuitton. Something unique about Sheyda: She was a ballerina from ages 3-17! Trading in the ballerina slippers for  killer boots I see! (-:

ROCKING the looks ladies!!