Kanwar & Nazli

I met Kanwar and Nazli Saturday in Inman Park and their outfits were so color coordinated I had to ask for a photo! 😉 Even though it’s technically fall, it’s still in the upper 80’s-90’s in the ATL! Kanwar (L), is wearing head to toe men’s Express. Nazli couldn’t recall where she got her cute top, but her shorts are from J. Crew, purse from Francesca’s and glasses from Nordstrom. Sandals are Aerosoles. When I asked Nazli if she could tell me something unique about her she said she won a taco 🌮 eating contest a few years ago! 💪🏻 Yes!!! My kind of girl! 😄 Kanwar is a human calculator, which is definitely something I CANNOT relate to. I can do some taco eating, but just say NO to me + math. 😂 Love ❤️ the looks guys!