Lizzie & Liz

Meet Lizzie and Liz! (No confusion there) 🤣 Lizzie- (L) is from Charleston, SC. She is wearing her sister’s shirt and her skirt is from Madewell. I totally dig her boots too, but forgot to ask about those! 😩 Rats! A few unique things about Lizzie is that she has 5 birthmarks and once tango danced with Jimmy Buffett! Was that to Cheeseburger in Paradise or Margaritaville Lizzie? 🤔

Liz- (R) is wearing adorable shorts from Anthropologie and shirt is from Urban Outfitters. Sandals are from Old Navy. Liz’s fun fact is she likes to go skinny dipping! Woo hoo!!! So her favorite fashion is actually no clothes at all. 😊Looking cool and carefree ladies!