Kayla – Candler Park Fall Fest

Meet Kayla! Kayla is looking fab for a fall festival 🍂 in Candler Park with her off the shoulder blouse, hat and ankle boots! 👌🏻😁Kayla didn’t break the bank with this adorable look with a 🎩 hat and👖 jeans from Old Navy, top from Forever 21, boots from Charlotte Russe, and sunglasses 🕶 from CVS! Popsicle: King of Pops! 😉

Kayla even added a flare to her jeans by adding the worn look and cutting her own. (Something people actually spend a lot of money for!) Kayla is originally from Hazelhurst, GA and says she regularly tries on at least 3 bad outfits before she finally puts on something she ❤️’s and will wear. We’ve all been there Kayla! Sounds very familiar! 😉 Looks like you found the perfect one for the Candler Park Fall 🍁Festival! Bravo! 👏🏼👍🏼