Meet Zach! I know it’s officially fall 🍁 y’all, but here in the south we’re still hitting 80 degree temperatures during the day so we wear our shorts as long as we possibly can! 😉 Zach is looking casual and super cool 😎 in his outfit from SQFT Decatur where he got both his shirt/shorts. He mentioned it is one of his favorite places to buy clothes in Atlanta so you should definitely check it out! (Men & women apparel) Zach’s shoes 👞 are from Banana Republic and as you see by some of the other photos he has as super cute English bulldog 🐕 Stan as an additional accessory of his. 😉

Zach is originally from Miami, OK which is NOT to be confused with Miami, FL because they have zero in common. (Just so we’re clear) I mean Miami, OK only has about 8,000 people, and if you’re still a skeptic on lack of similarities I encourage you to fly there and find out for yourself! 😜 Zach is a huge Oklahoma University fan and judging by Stan’s bandana he is too. (What are the chances?!) Both looking great in your SQ/FT attire and bandana Zach and Stan! 👍🏼😃 GO SOONERS! 🏈💪🏻