Meet Bianca! I spotted her SUPER adorable rockabilly look 👀, and of course couldn’t resist asking for a few snaps! 📷 This killer dress 👗 is from Hot Topic and the Mary Jane heels 👠 she got from Goodwill. Her earrings were purchased at an arts and crafts festival! Bianca is originally from Venezuela, but she has lived in Atlanta 17-18 years. One of her favorite pastimes is misinterpreting the lyrics of popular 🎶 music! Hey, we’ve ALL been there Bianca!! The list goes on for me. 🤣 I recently found out that after all these years “Evil Woman” by ELO wasn’t “Mid-evil woman!” 😂 (Whatever…same thing, right!?) 😜 Rocking 🎸the rockabilly look Bianca! 🙌🏻