Meet Danielle! I spotted Danielle in Inman Park with her cool look and asked if I could snap a few pics! 📷 😉 Danielle got her groovy overalls from American Rag and her shirt is a budget friendly buy from one of my all time faves, TJ Maxx! Her shoes are the always classic Converse.  (Let’s be real…everybody needs a pair of Chuck Taylors. If you don’t have any go buy some!) Her cross body bag is by Kate Spade, and her glasses are another classic you can’t go wrong with, Ray Bans. (Yep, you need a pair of those too.) 😜 Danielle is a very rare Atlanta native!!! (I know crazy and hard to believe!! We are almost extinct.) She has been to EVERY continent EXCEPT Antarctica! So what’s the hold up Danielle? Are you afraid of polar bears or is it the ❄️ icy temps? 😉 Looking bodacious in blue girl! 👌🏻👍🏼